Choosing the Best Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

Men usually face different types of Erectile dysfunctions including lack of interest and erectile dysfunction. Out of all the conditions, erectile dysfunction is the most common of them all. The cause of this condition could be stress, workload, and aging. Even though there are numerous ways to treat this condition, but many people prefer taking medicines. In most of the cases, the best erectile dysfunction medicine is Viagra.

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However, many people get confused while choosing the right one for themselves. They need to know that there are different types of medicines that are available in the market that will help you in treating this condition. If you are looking for such pills, then here are some of the best erectile dysfunction pills.

  1. Cialis

Cialis is the most common erectile dysfunction treatment pill used by men. This type of pill begins its work within 30 to 45 minutes after consumption. However, it all depends on the condition of the consumer. One great thing about Cialis is that it can provide harder erections for up to 36 hours which is a great amount of time. In addition to that, you can take this pill with or without food as its effectiveness is not affected by how it is consumed. Rather it depends on who is consuming it. Even though it is completely safe to consume, but still it comes with minor side effects including dizziness, muscle ache, headache, and ingestion.

  1. Stendra

This is one of the best erectile dysfunction pills that you can get. One of the best things about this medicine is that it begins its work in a short span of just 15 minutes of consumption. It may be even quicker for some people, but the most common duration is 15 minutes. Even though it shows quicker results to men, the erection duration is shorter than others. For a normal person, this pill can only provide successful erections for 6 hours. Much like the other pills, you can take this pill with or without food consumption. You may face numerous side effects from this erectile dysfunction pill including flushing, dizziness, muscle aches, hypertension, back pain, headache, runny nose, upper respiratory infections and many others.

  1. Levitra

If you are looking for a pill with short-term effects, then Levitra is the one for you. This medicine will help you in getting harder erections for 5 hours after consuming the pill. After consuming the pill, you can witness its effect within 20 to 25 minutes. However, it may take longer than this duration if you have taken this pill after having a fatty meal. The reason behind this is that fatty meal takes time to digest. When the pill is mixed with fatty foods, it takes more time to digest. Similar to the other medicines, this one also comes with some of the side effects including dizziness, indigestion, and nausea.

Which One Should You Take?

Many people wonder which are the best ED pills for non-prescription. If you are wondering the same, then you should know that every pill has a different effect. It all depends on you that which one you want to take. Some may provide erections for longer durations while others may provide faster results. Even though you can get some of these generic ED drugs without any prescription, but it is best that you consult a doctor before you take one. If you witness any side effects after taking any of these pills, then it is best that you stop taking these and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

There are some of the best medicines for erectile dysfunction without side effects. You can connect with your doctor to know about any of these. However, it all depends on the individual to individual that whether they will face any side effect or not.