Generic vs branded medicine, Generic VS branded medications, Generic Viagra - ED Medications

Generic VS branded medications

The difference between the generic and branded Medicine is only the price because they both work the same. Our pharmacy offers the men’s health impotence medicines that help men get the solution for their erectile dysfunction problem. Impotence is the very big issue in males and they can’t get satisfied because of this issue. Generic and branded are same because one more reason is both the medicines contain the same active ingredients called sildenafil citrate.

All these medicines like Generic Viagra:

Generic Drugs, Are They as Good as Branded Medicines?

Our pharmacy offers the generic medicines because it is very cheap and works same like the branded ones so everybody buys generic medication only without wasting money on branded medicines. Our store offers the generic medications because of their low cost hence our medicines are most sellable in the internet market.

Generic vs branded medicine, Generic VS branded medications, Generic Viagra - ED Medications

Nowadays lots of pharmacies are providing the generic medications only because all these medicines are manufactured by the branded companies like:

  • Zydus Cadila PVT Ltd.
  • Cipla
  • Pfizer
  • Ranbaxy and abort etc.

We provide the different categories in the leading online pharmacy. Our pharmacy offers the categories like men’s health, women’s health. Our online drugstore is offering all the medicines that are generic in nature. Generic and branded work the same and the price difference is very big. No need to doubt about buying these generic medicines because these medicines are also approved by the US FDA (food and drug administrators). You can buy these medicines without doctor’s prescription as they are already prescribed by the doctor.

Generic Medicine are Safe as Branded Medicine

Our online ED Medicine pharmacy provides all kinds of medicines and delivers anywhere no matter where you live in this world. We deliver the products on time; our pharmacy is famous on this category because we deliver the goods fast within 4 to 5 working days and one of the major pros of our pharmacy is that we do not provide the customer’s data to anyone. We just keep that data for our security and to deliver the products on that address whichever is provided to us. Our technical staff is live 24×7 for the customer support if the users have any issues regarding the products or the buying issues they can contact the technical staff. They will guide how to solve the particular issue. We give the facility for the USA and UK customers because our pharmacy is based on the USA only and we deliver the products fast for our USA customers as well as the UK. And we provide all the offers to all the customers. We provide the offers for returning and new customers but if you are returning customers then you will get the coupon discount facility.