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How I Cured My Premature Ejaculation – An Experience

My life, not so long ago, was in shambles. I had completely withdrawn into my shell; I would avoid meeting my friends; would refrain from socializing; my performance and productivity in my workplace was plummeting and daily reprimands from my boss became a routine.

Worst part of the entire pain was that my relationship with my wife had become strained. We would fight constantly and on trivial matters. I had become irritable and would get irritated at the slightest provocation. The culprit was premature ejaculation that ruined my mental peace and threatened to wreck my marital life.

A men’s self esteem is centered on his ability to do well in the bed, among many other factors. If he is unable is to meet his and his partner?s expectations, his self esteem takes a tumble. Premature ejaculation is not something that men do intentionally; it happens and there is little men can do about it unless professional help is sought.

Premature Ejaculation causes

First, it is caused by a combination of factors like hormonal imbalance. Two kinds of hormones basically control the sexual urge in a man and if one of the hormones becomes dominant over the other, this could cause premature ejaculation.

Second, some men are prone to become hypersensitive as far as playing in the bed is concerned. They just cannot control the urge of giving a release to their desire and that can cause problems like disrupted relations and dented confidence.

Third, men habitually are impatient and want instant gratification at all the matters and sexual urge is no different. While the urge in men comes real quick or they are turned on quickly, women are not turned on half as quickly.

This is a genetic problem and not much can be done about them. It is mainly in the mind and the more men can control it in their mind, the more they will learn the ways to prevent premature ejaculation. One cannot control genetics but training the mind will definitely help them to understand how to put a stop to premature ejaculation.

How to cure premature ejaculation

There can be a lot that can be done in order to know the way to check premature ejaculation. You can use medicines that will control your urge for the time being and you can last longer in bed. While you last longer in the bed, this will result in increased satisfaction for your partner and will have a positive impact on your relationships and personality.

However, the long term solution is to exercise and lead a healthy life. When you lead a healthy life, you are able to control your hormones better and this is a good lesson on how to prevent premature ejaculation.


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