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Sildigra: Helping a Man to Get Good Erection

Sildigra 100mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Slidenafil-citrate is the main component and it helps a man to enjoy life exploring the true happiness in bed. It helps in sexual arousal of a man and thus he can get rid of all the worries. It blocks an enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 due to which the cGMP concentration increases. It increases the blood flow to the male private organ and thus you achieve a harder erection. It contains a special serotonin that acts as a neurotransmitter helping you to perform well in bed.

How to use Sildigra?

Before you start using the medicine you must consult with your doctor knowing that the Slidenafil components suit you well. Usually, you need to take the medicine 30-60 minutes before coitus that helps you to get the best results. You can consume the tablet with milk to explore a better performance and thus you can now get a good feel in real-time. The effects of this medicine containing Slidenafil components last for 5-6 hours and it may vary for different person.

Knowing the Proper Dosage

The dosage of this medication may vary and thus you need to ask your doctor about the dosage you need. Also, you have to take the medicine on time ensuring that you avoid any negative effects. If you miss a dose you must take it as soon as you can. However, if it’s already time for your next dose then take it and avoid the skipped one. You must not double the dose, as it may give rise to serious side-effects.

Common Side-Effects

Side-effects include:

  • 1 out of 6 people face headaches
  • Facial flushing is another side-effect you may face
  • Stomach pain with fever

So, if you face any of the above-mentioned symptoms you need to consult your doctor immediately that helps you to get rid of any further complications, which arise due to consumption of Slidenafil components.

Warnings to Follow

People suffering from cardio-vascular disease, kidney problem, liver disease need to avoid taking this medicine. And you must read the detailed product description understanding the precautions you need to take.

Read the Product Description

Now, you can buy the tablet online and you must go through the detailed product description. It helps you to understand that the product is a genuine one and you can use it without any confusion. Once you feel confident you can place order online and you can now make your partner feel satisfied.

Packaging of Sildigra 100mg

Sildigra 100mg comes up in a nice packaging, which is completely safe. There would be no content description outside the parcel and only on can see the carrier label. So, only you can know what’s inside the parcel and thus it maintains the privacy. And while placing the order, make sure you find the discrete shipping option that makes you feel confident in real-time. Also, you must know the return policy ensuring that you won’t face any controversies in the future.

You can opt for express delivery if you have any urgency or you can try out economy delivery and thus you can get the stuff delivered at your place on time. The product is delivered to various countries including Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, UK, Europe, China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

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